Cabinetry & Millwork

massage-envyMJS Millwork offers superior quality custom cabinetry and millwork services. Our experience in the industry allows us to understand the needs and wants of every client our team works with. We believe that every project can be completed within your time and budget needs. Through the use of top quality materials, excellent craftsmanship, strict project management, and custom finishings and installations, we are able to bring sophistication to your interior design.

We offer fully custom cabinetry and millwork solutions to fit with your interior design. Whether you are looking for custom cabinetry for a medical office, hospital, retail, or home space our experienced staff will provide you with the most cost-effective custom cabinetry and millwork services. We can make any space, small or large, look modern and sophisticated. Our dedication to excellence is what makes MJS millwork stand out from the rest. With MJS Millwork, you will not have to worry about an intrusive installation process. We are known for exceeding client expectations in the design and installation process all while paying respect to time and budget.

MJS Millwork is a leader in custom cabinetry and millwork services located in South Florida. We are committed to client satisfaction which is demonstrated through our use of high quality materials without the high cost budget. We employ a team of dedicated craftsmen, project managers and contractors who keep communication with clients open and enjoyable. Our team creates additions to your interior design that are flawless and durable. When you choose MJS Millwork, you are choosing lifelong excellence. Sophisticated interior design is just around the corner. To see how MJS Millwork can rework and revive your retail, medical, or home space, contact us today.