Closet Systems

closet-systems MJS Millwork has worked in the millwork industry for nearly 20 years. We have a vast amount of pleased clients who found our custom designed closets and closet organizers to be extremely helpful in running their business. As a retail business owner or homeowner, a common problem seems to be that there is never enough closet space. MJS is the closet builder that can solve all of your storage problems!

Our team of closet experts are able to create a closet organizing system that works for your space, lifestyle, and your budget. Our use of high quality materials ensure that your custom designed closet will be durable and will have longevity. Our high quality and innovative closet systems come in many different styles and colors and of course customizations options to fit your requirements. With MJS you can have a dreamy closet system that won’t expand past your budget. Our team will design a closet system and install as well. We will first take an inventory of what exactly needs to be stored and how you would like to see everything organized. From there we design your custom closet organizer and then move onto the installation process. With MJS the entire process is done quickly and efficiently.

MJS Millwork has the experience and track record of providing high quality custom closet solutions to clients without the high price tag. We work with you to make your design dreams come to life. Contact us today to speak with a professional about designing your custom closet and closet organizers.