Store Fixtures

MJS Millwork has been working with store fixtures, displays, and furniture for nearly 20 years. We bring experience and innovation to your millwork design project. We understand the needs of businesses, space must be utilized to promote functionality and flow throughout your store. We accomplish this goal by understanding every clients needs and design requirements.

MJS millwork is composed of the most knowledgeable and passionate millwork professionals. Our dedication to excellence is what most of our clients like the most about working with us. We use innovative technology to create dramatic, modern, and sophisticated spaces that will draw your customers. Custom store fixtures and store displays are an essential part of functionality and longevity when running your business. Our team of skilled professionals is often able for foresee any potential problems with the design layout and fix it during the pre-build process. Your finished project will be custom built for your business and your needs.

MJS Millwork provides the South Florida area with high end quality store fixture options. We are a leading retail store furniture manufacturer offering custom fixtures and displays. Every project from start to finish is in the hands of the MJS professionals, so we can deliver your project on time and within your budget. Contact us today for more information.