The Difference Between Stock Cabinets and Custom Cabinets

Creating a new look for your retail, commercial, or residential space can seem overwhelming at first. However, working with the right millwork company can make it seem effortless. One of the options you have for updating your space is to update and/or add cabinetry. Cabinets offer storage space helping you stay organized and letting you fully utilize functional space so that you can keep clutter to a minimum. Clients also have a few choices when it comes to the type of cabinets they would like, you can choose from stock cabinets or from fully custom cabinets. This refers to the production method used and not necessarily the quality of materials used in the cabinets.

Stock cabinets are pre manufactured and ready-made. They are mass produced in a factory and ready to ship as they are ordered. With stock options, there is no room for adjustments. What you see in the store is what will be delivered to your home, store, or office. Unfortunately, they tend to limit clients’ options when it comes to sizes, colors, styles, and wood type. Stock cabinets are often available in width sizes starting at 9” and increased by 3” up to 48”.  The standard depth is 12” for wall cabinets and 24” for utility cabinets.

Custom cabinets are built to your specifications. They bring an element of freedom to your design because you can create any kind of look you want. It gives you the ability to create cabinets in oddly sized or shaped spaces without any hassle. Custom cabinets are either built in on-site or can be manufactured on a build to order status. You are able to choose the color, size, shape, and material type with your custom cabinets. This option gives you room for creative design!

MJS Millwork is a premier custom cabinetry company located in south Florida. We offer many different options so your design and layout can be perfect for your needs and wants. For more information on how MJS Millwork can help you create the custom cabinetry you want, contact us today!

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